Thursday, February 24, 2011

3. Light

My fingertips lightly traced the damp walls, occasionally coming in contact with wet moss. I wrinkled my nose in disgust, but unless I get out of here, there was no way of getting rid of the horrible environment around me.
A distance away, there was a tap, dripping slowly. I could hear every drop landing on the ground.
I could hear everything, for other than that, there was nothing but the deafening silence.
The cave I was in was small, but there was sharp stones and rocks sticking out everywhere.
Every step had to be careful.

Straining my eyes to look further up ahead, I thought I saw a small glow.
It was faint.
But definitely light.

Hope lifted my heart. Was I really that close to my exit? Was I really going to get out of here? That soon?

I burst into a grin, and energy rushed back into me.
My legs started moving, bolting into a speedy run.


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