Foxen is a major project that I'm currently working on, so here's a bit of a sneak peek to it:

Arkid could feel the terror of realization in him rising up; he could feel how guilty he was for doing this, even if he didn’t know what he was doing. The cannon rumbled menacingly, and Lartios cackled again. Arkid covered his ears with his hands, ready for the worst, and watched in pure horror as the metal monster they’d just put together soared up in the air and charged for the building. He watched as it crashed into the towering structure, creating a great explosion. The flames, lighted from just a tiny match, was now roaring furiously. Orange and red danced in the air mockingly, and Arkid's faith in his master wavered.

I've currently got it up on both Inkpop and Figment, but there's still a lot of editing and writing to do c:
New parts will be posted up here for your early enjoyment, and hopefully you guys can give me some feedback.
Thaaaanks. <3