Thursday, February 24, 2011

2. Love

She couldn't see his eyes.
He stared down at the floor, hands clasped together.
The girl chewed on her bottom lip nervously. Was he really that uncomfortable around her? She resisted the tears that threatened to burst out; she couldn't cry in front of him. Not in front of him. Anywhere but in front of him.
"Ashleigh..." He started softly.
"Yes?" She quickly replied. Anxiety was taking over her now.
"I just wanted to say-"
"That you hate me? That you don't like me? That I'm ugly and annoying and incredibly stupid?" She burst. She was self-conscious. She knew that was who she was.
"No..." He lifted his head now, and Ashleigh pushed back the temptation to sigh dreamily. Those adorable blue eyes that seemed to shine in the light every time amazed her. Mesmerized her. Perhaps that was what hypnotized her whenever they were around each other.
Oh, and with the bonus of his beautiful voice.
"No, I wasn't going to say that." His voice was firm. "I was going to say that I love you, that I do like you, that you're pretty and kind and incredibly intelligent."
"Y-you... love me?" A gasp escaped her. She wasn't expecting that.

"Yeah, I do. And do you love me back?" Back to his alluring tone again. Oh god.
A wide smile spread across her face, something that glittered with hope and admiration. "Yes."

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