Sunday, September 11, 2011


Foxen is just another story that I've recently posted on Inkpop, but just in case any of you were ever curious -

"Arkid’s mind was still confused until Lartios took out the ideal thing for disaster. “Wait, is this a-“ It was too late. Lartios struck the match against the side of the box, and they both witnessed the beautiful glow of the flame light up. Lartios laughed, almost a cackle, as he carefully connected the flame with their gadget. The flame traveled into the chute that choked smoke for a few moments, but then cleared up, and soon she was ready to go. Arkid could feel the terror of realization in him rising up; he could feel how guilty he was for doing this, even if he didn’t know what he was doing. The cannon rumbled menacingly, and Lartios cackled again. Arkid covered his ears with his hands, ready for the worst, and watched in pure horror as the metal monster they’d just put together soared up in the air and charged for the building. He watched as it crashed into the building, creating a great explosion. The flames, from just a tiny match lighted one, now was a big, disastrous fire. The orange and red that danced in the air, mocking Arkid of how na├»ve he was, simply made him even more furious. Arkid roared; he had enough of this inhumane act."  -- excerpt from Foxen.