About This Blog

Hello, people of Earth!

As you know, this is a BLOG.

It's a blog for me to voice my opinions [sometimes] and also to share my work with you people out there [but I doubt anyone ever reads this blog].

I named this blog 'Accio Pencil' because I'm a major Harry Potter fan, and to add on to that, I love noveling and writing. Thus the creation of Accio Pencil. I need my pencil! :)

I started loving writing as a child. I didn't know what I was doing at first.
I love reading books; a good hobby for when you're alone and you're bored. As a young child I memorized lines from books that amazed me, and began to piece them together slowly to gradually make a story.
When I finished my first, it was presented as my Language Arts project.

I got one of the best scores of the grade. [yay! :D]

After a while I started to roleplay online- it's when you create a character[s] and write stories in their point of view; either first person or third person.
It got addictive after a while, but no matter.
Because it got me loving the way lines flow and the way writing can take you on a journey.

The idea of me owning a writing blog came from a special person I met on inkpop. Her name's Remy; go visit her blog here.
Anyway, I saw her blog and I was like "WOAH."
Because if you go and check her blog out, you can't deny that it's absolutely amazing.
It. Is. Amazing.

So yeah. She got me going with my writing. (:
Thanks, Remy.
By the way, she's as amazing as her blog.
Go read 'A Passion Called Hate'! It's ranked six [at least it was the last time I checked] on the inkpop top picks.

Yeah, so I guess that's it!
If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Or comment on a blog post.

Thanks! :]

[another one of my inspirations: Writing Mistakes You're Making]
[here's the link to inkpop: http://inkpop.com/]