Saturday, January 15, 2011

Descriptive Scenes & More

Close your eyes and imagine it as if it were a movie. Then write it down/type it up. It's easier that way.


Hello, world!
I haven't been updating recently- and I apologise deeply for that. Christmas was a very busy holiday [I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that] but now I'm back! And I'll try to post more often.
So what's been happening so far in your lives of 2011?
I, for one, have been spamming my brain with the awesomness of Charlie McDonnell [aka charlieissocoollike]! I just love his accent. Don't you just love his accent? I love English accents(:

It's my solemn promise that I will try to update Down To Earth, but since I've been set a tight schedule by my parents, I haven't got much time to go on the computer.

Well, maybe at school I will.
What a bad girl I am. x]

Till next time!

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